Earn Promotion Points

IMPORTANT: MBUSM is NOT RESPONSIBLE for the redemption of prizes or the distribution of goods purchased from BONUS SITES. By offering reward points for the contest entries (or the purchase of services and/or goods) on the BONUS SITES list, we are not necessarily endorsing any of the partners. WE ARE ONLY RESPONSIBLE FOR REDEEMING THE PRIZES POSTED FOR MBUSM TITLEHOLDERS.

Earn Promotion Points!

The Miss/Ms. Beautiful US Model pageant is a free competition that promotes the Pageant Emporium STAR SITES.


**We will have BONUS Point & Credit opportunities throughout the course of the competition!

Use the scale and tips to the right of this table to find out how to earn points.

Need some motivation?
Read this sweet reference from former Overall Queen, Shea Hackney:
In the year 2004, I was honored to participate in the Miss Beautiful US Model Free Online pageant. The draw to this pageant is the concept of earning points by achieving a preset list of tasks or participating in specific events such as other pageants and photo contests along with advertising, gathering sponsors, and being creative. Although the work needed to win this title is extremely time consuming, once I received the crown, I believe it was absolutely worth it! Just as promised on the web site, my win earned me a gorgeous 10 inch crown I prominently display as a trophy to the work I've done. It is yet another title I feel I have not just won, but earned through my time, efforts, and hard work. This pageant is an exceptional balance of well planned business, promotion, competition, and enjoyment. Miss Beautiful US is a title I am proud to have achieved. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Shea N. Hackney









There are several ways to earn points. The methods are in bold, and the details are below the bolded headings.


*Post banners!
Post banners (codes provided by director) to message boards. A list of boards can be found at: Pageant Emporium Board List.
The number of boards posted to & Voy Board #'s posted to must be turned in to the director before the points can be awarded.
The director will let you know the dates for which your codes are valid. When your banner expires, you must email for more codes. You may have more than 1 banner in the codes you are posting. Remember, the points are on a "per post" not "per banner" basis.

BANNER POSTING Point Value = 1 point per post

*Make...or Have a Banner Made!
Make or have a banner made using the information provided by the director.
The banners to be made are for the promotion of any Pageant Emporium contest ( to be determined by the director)
Banners must be made in a graphics program & pre-approved before points can be awarded. (They cannot be made by a free ad banner generator.) Whoever is making the banner MUST OWN A PROFESSIONAL banner-making business that has been operating for 6 months or more.

BANNER CREATION Point Value = 40


*Add the Pageant Emporium "Promotions Tag"
to your email signature. Please copy/paste from below:

Check out this FANTASTIC FREE Online Pageant!
You could win a 10" crown, $100 CASH, and MORE!
Miss Beautiful US Model

Once you have added the tag to your signature, email our offices to show tag addition. The tag must remain in your signature for the duration of the competition.

PROMOTIONS TAG Point Value= 20

*Refer a friend to the Miss Beautiful US Model Pageant! Your referral must earn her local entry before you can be awarded the points.

REFERRAL Point Value= 20



Refer a contest, vendor, or pageant to become a MBUSM BONUS SITE! BONUS SITE REFERRAL Point Value = 50

To become a BONUS SITE, the fee is just $5 per contest, service, or pageant.
*Discount - 1 partner may add up to 10 contests, services, and/or pageants for just $35!

BONUS SITE Point Ladder:

Pageant or Contest Entry = 20 points
Vendors/Services = 1 point per dollar spent

To receive points for BONUS SITE entries or purchases, the contestant MUST forward the payment receipts to MBUSM.

BONUS SITES will be listed on this page with a text link, and their initial addition will be announced to the group of contestants.

The term is one season. Each BONUS SITE must renew at the close of the season to be listed as a BONUS SITE in the next season's pageant.



We work with a banner maker who will do 20 banners for just $40. That's a quick 800 points! In order to get the points, you just need to purchase on behalf of Pageant Emporium. We will then send the info for the banners to the banner maker. To take advantage of this opportunity, please email the Miss Beautiful director.


The banner making business in the Pageant World is pretty competitive. You may find that a banner maker will sponsor you with some free banners because it could be good exposure for his or her business. Banner makers usually sign their banners or have a credits banner below their work, so it can be good advertisement to have their banners all over the boards.


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